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Pristine Paint Jobs and Precise Body Work

Get Back on the Road Looking Like New

Countryside Body and Welding is distinguished for our specialty in auto body repair and painting services across Ohio and surrounding communities. Located in North Lawrence, OH, we are accessible and ready to get to work.

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology and maintain stringent quality control to ensure long-term durability for every project. Our experience, blended with our streamlined preparation and painting processes have allowed us to develop a speciality of “hot shot” painting. In other words, your truck or equipment will look like new in no time.

Servicing Trucks, Trains,
and Everything In Between

Consider Countryside for your industrial painting and body work needs for:

  • Heavy machinery and dump trucks
  • Tanks and storage vessels (inside & outside)
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Process equipment
  • Fleet tractors, trailers (open & closed), box trucks & vans
  • Oil and gas production equipment & transport vehicles
  • Fire and EMS vehicles
  • Trains and locomotives
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Expert Industrial Painting

Let us transform your truck with a fresh coat of paint. At Countryside, we use the finest Axalta (formerly DuPont), and PPG finishes for your project to ensure long-term durability. Once your surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared, we apply these technologically advanced finishes in environmentally controlled conditions to ensure adhesion.

At Countryside, we ensure that:

  • Every surface we blast (or otherwise clean) is prepared to job specifications.
  • Paint and coatings are applied evenly and with proper curing to prevent entrapment of solvents.
  • Paint and coatings are applied with proper ventilation and controlled curing temperatures.
  • Precision Body Work

    We get started on getting your vehicle or equipment in brand new shape immediately. We invest in the best equipment so that our highly-qualified technicians can use the latest techniques to return your trucks and equipment to its original condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    White Semi Truck- North Lawrence, OH and Massillon, OH

    Related Painting and Coating Services

    Spray-on Bedliners

    Countryside features the strength and durability of U-Pol® Raptor bed liners. These urethane coatings provide robust protection against rust, corrosion, and salt. Plus, they perform very well in damp and extreme temperatures.

    • Additional features include:
      Resistance to stains and abrasions
    • UV protection offers a high level of fade resistance
    • Waterproof & flexible
    • Helps to deaden sound and vibrations
    Sandblasting and Surface Preparation

    Sandblasting is the process in which highly pressurized air blows sand or other particles onto a surface in order to clean it. Items to be blasted range from medical instruments to structures that are so large they must be blasted on site.

    Our facility can handle any blasting project, large or small. In fact, our newest blasting booths enable us to blast 53’ full-size trailers inside our facility and within controlled environmental conditions.

    We maintain an extensive arsenal of blasting media to ensure we use the specified material for your project. Plus, our seasoned blasting personnel are well-trained and knowledgeable on substrate materials, tolerances, and specifications. This experience ensures that we don’t damage your structure while removing rust, scale, or prior coatings.

    Sandblasting Media

    Our primary blasting media include:

    • Glass Beads
    • Aluminum Oxide Media
    • Black Beauty Blasting Media

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